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[EE] WAP Retakes #1 - leia meid @ fb.com/groups/wappug​ [Stats|128tick] by weallplay.eu de_dust2
[EE] WAP Pug #1 - leia meid @ fb.com/groups/wappug​ [Stats|128tick] by weallplay.eu de_dust2
We All Play Rust | Wipe : 28.08 [Rates x50] Procedural Map
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Meie tuleviku visioon.
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Meie DDoS'i lugu.
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WAP CS:GO Cup oktoober Tiimid ja Info.
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About WAP CS:GO Stats.
Last posted ViKiR, 2 months ago
WAP FFA DM - weallplay.eu:27045
Last posted ViKiR, 3 months ago
Hello, today 1 oct 2016 we reset all skill stats on csgo servers, testing phase is done, we are pleased to say that all works as we wanted.
We are trying to make our first tournament (atm for Estonian players) if we will manage to make run all swiftly, then later you can wait for Baltic countries WAP Tournament. Later we have plans to create Ladder, where top 10 team will participate in tournaments automaticly.

More soon...
GL & HF !
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 ViKiR    9    2 months ago
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 lento    6    3 months ago